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Don’t Judge me…I don’t smoke, drink, vape, participate in recreational stuff, or drink coffee, but I love and care about a lot of people who do these things…and I never try to make them feel uncomfortable or feel ashamed. But recently I was made to feel like I was a buzz kill, because I drank water at the whiskey wings event at the office, as if there was something wrong with me for passing on free booze…There is NO amount of peer pressure that is going to ever push me into drinking until I’m buzzed, passed out or vomit. I have goals outside of a five minute drink with a day and a half of negative consequences, sometimes a lifetime. I’m not in any way judging anyone else or saying that we don’t share the same goals and dreams. Those things are just not for me. I get high on endorphins after a rigorous workout, singing my favorite songs in the car very loud, or filming a movie with a passionate bunch of folks for crazy long hours…With all that said, if you invite me out for a beer, or coffee, just know that I’ll most likely drink water or 100% fruit juice…And if you have the urge to smoke or vape and wanted a friend to join you outside in the blistering cold, I’ll be there. #dontjudgeme

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