Winners of the 7th Annual Eclipse Awards presented

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The winners of the 7th Annual Eclipse Awards were presented on May 3, 2018.   In what may be best described as an Oscar ceremony for  Michigan filmmakers,  every one of the attendees arrived for this events dressed to the nines in suits, gowns, and other finery.

Held at the Ballroom at Mckay Tower, 146 Monroe Street, Grand Rapids,  the Eclipse Awards has aimed to celebrate achievements in the growing film industry across Michigan for the past seven years.

The Eclipse Awards seek to elevate content creators throughout Michigan by honoring their entered works in film, television and on-line production. Filmmakers submitted their work to a board of past Eclipse Award winners in order to narrow down to more than 100 nominees across 21 categories. Past  winners then casted their votes, and winners were announced at this years event.

As well as the filmmakers,  the recipient of the 2018 Hyperion Award–Mark Adler was present.  Founded four years ago, the Hyperion Award  was initiated by the Eclipse Award Board of Governors to acknowledge the contributions of unique individuals who maintain high standards in their craft while inspiring others to do so as well. At the same time, that individual works to expand the opportunities that benefit the entire creative and production community.

The Eclipse Awards are made possible each year by  Sony, Key Code Media, Ferris State University, Compass College of Cinematic Arts and WKTV Digital Cinema.

Thursday event was an evening of excitement.   This year’s winners were:

The Eclipse Award for Best Sound Design
Roy Wallace: “Frankie

Best Director for a Short Film
Scott Magie: “Four Ninety”

Best Cinematography in a Feature
Matthew Von Dayton”Thaw of the Dead”

Best Actor in a Supporting Role
Peter Herold “Kid Brother”

Best Television or Online Program
Eric Schrotenboer, David Bailey & Emma Nicolas=-“Verify”

Best Cinematography in a Documentary
Angela Peavey–“Stories of Us”

Best Screenplay for a Feature
Bryce Cameron & Devin Cameron–“Kid Brother”

Best Original Score
Gregory De lulio– “The House on Oak Street”

Best Documentary Short Film
Eric Schrotenboer–“Everything Happens Somewhere – Joppa”

Best Editor in Narrative
David Marek–“Thaw of the Dead”

Best Cinematography in a Short Film
Dane Covey–“Small Town”

Best Animation
Josh Reed–“DoseDr”

Best Short Film
Scott Magie–“Four-Ninety”

Best Documentary Feature
Kristin Ojaniemi & Jim Kurtti–“Co-Operatively Yours”

Best Promotional Segment for Television or Online
Eric Schrotenboer & Sara Hogan–“Benjamin’s Hope – Welcome Home”

Best Cinema Trailer
Chris Penny “Death Island Paranormal Retribution”

Best Screenplay for a Short Film
Justin Muschong–“Deadbolt”

Best Director for a Feature
Jude S. Walko–“The Incantation”|

Best Actor in a Lead Role
Elizabeth Moore –“Deadbolt”

Best Music Video of an Original Performance
Zachary Clark, Nick Turske & Andy Westra–“Small Town”

Best Feature
Bryce Cameron–“Kid Brother”

Michael McCallum–Deadbolt

Peter Harold–Kid Brother

Jude S. Walko–Incantation

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