Only six more days of filming before Harley Wallen’s ‘Agramons Gate’ wraps and starts post-production

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Can you imagine sitting in a darkened banquet room, alone and being approached by the character from Harley Wallen’s “Agramons Gate.”  With a single good eye, and a face full of scars, Harley (as Zeb) was a sight to be seen.  That was my experience last night.

Agramon's Gate 14

Attending the 10th Anniversary of the Motor City Nightmare horror convention,  I was sitting in the Isle Royal banquet room when Kaiti Wallen and  Jessika Johnson (Amanda London and Mindy respectively  from the movie I had come to see) entered the room in the dark.  I was prepared to watch Wallen’s screening of “Into a Dark Mind.”

After a few minutes, Harley walks in in character as  Zeb from  “Agramon’s Gate”   enters,  finds a seat with Kaiti and Jessika, before realizing that I was sitting several rows back.    He comes back to where I was seated and we talk briefly.

I move to sit behind the three of them and as the movie played,  Harley shared some information with me regarding the latest Painted Creek/Auburn Moon production.  Shooting on schedule,  the filming of “Agramons Gate”  shoot wrap before it enters post production.

Here are some more BTS photos from this much anticipated next production.  (For more see last week’s installment on this blog.)


If ‘”Agramons Gate” is anywhere as good as “Into a Dark Mind,” and each of these Painted Creek Productions gets better,   this movie will be a solid must-see.

For more behind the scenes photos and information on “Agramons Gate” click here.

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