Mark Adler receives 2018 Hyperion Award

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Four years ago, the Eclipse Award Board of Governors initiated the Hyperion Award to acknowledge the contributions of unique individuals who maintain high standards in their craft while inspiring others to do so as well. At the same time, that individual works to expand the opportunities that benefit the entire creative and production community. We are fortunate to find these individuals in every region of our state and this year, the Eclipse Board of Governors is proud to announce that the 2018 Honoree hails from the East side of Michigan, specifically Mark, as the founder and director of the Michigan Production Alliance.

The Hyperion Award is a fitting tribute to his contribution to the Detroit production community over the last 30-plus years, running a highly respected video tech company, VAIDigital. But beyond his personal success story are his efforts to grow the production industry not just on the East side, but state wide.

Since 2003, his establishment of the 501c6 trade/business organization Michigan Production Alliance has provided professional and educational resources to media producers in the state of Michigan. His maintenance of the MPA website has served union, non-union and anyone interested in media production with resources such as crew and equipment contacts, as well as seminars, workshops and various other industry related support. As the author of a text for Production Assistants, Mark has contributed to the growth and professional status of the state work force by improving performance standards as well as by providing an access path for working in the industry.

We appreciate that Mark has also served on a number of committees established by the Michigan Film and Digital Media Office to convey policy input at the state level. And as members of the West side production community, we welcome Mark’s efforts to unite the East with the West side in developing production standards and the crew base state wide.

In gratitude and admiration for his actions over a long and respected career, the Board of Governors is pleased to give this year’s Hyperion Award with the well-deserved pride in Mark’s achievements and contributions with which he has earned it.

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