Michael Sneed’s award-winning ‘Crystal’ is now available online

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As we enter the weekend,  many of us are putting together our lists of films we wish to watch.  With the advent of video streaming and the platforms which support them,  many of us are chosing to stay home, stay in and watching movies on our televisions, or computer monitors.  If you are building a list of films, add one more film now worthy of your consideration.  This is Michael Sneed’s award-winning ‘”Crystal.”  It is now available online and can be rented for your viewing pleasure.'”


Michael Sneed–Legend of the Hawks production won two awards at the 2017 Royal Starr Film Festival.  The first was for Best Narrative Feature; the second, Best Actress Feature, both awarded by a judging committee.  This 126 minute drama features Trinity Rose Miller as Crystal. This young lead actor,  first-timer blossoms in this tale of hard-time druggies and lottery losers.   “

Written and directed by Michael Sneed, “Crystal” also features Mario Accardo, Billie Rae Bates, Kimberly Cruchon Brooks   with a full cast of Michigan actors.

While,  it may be argued, “Crystal” is a little slow in spots, it delivers a story with enough going on to keep you engaged and wondering throughout, what is going to happen to Crystal..

This selection can be found on Amazon Prime.  It can also be purchased online from Walmart 

For an interview with director Michael Sneed.



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