Take a behind the scenes peek at Joel Reisig’s “Son of the Wolf”

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March 2, 2018.  Take a behind the scenes peek at  Joel Paul Reisig’s production of “Son of the Wolf.”  Based on Jack London’s novelette of the same name, this production can be called a “Best of Jack London” .  Used predominately for Act III of this movie, “Son of the Wolf”  is also incorporating scenes from “White Fang,”” The Abyssal Brute,”” Call of the Wild,” and draws inspiration from London’s short stories “The White Silence” and “the Moonface Man.”

Joel Paul Reisig  is a producer and actor, known for Horse Camp (2016), A Parent’s Worst Nightmare (2017) and Altitude (2017).  In total he has done over 20 movies which he has sold to Netflix, Red Box, and Walmart.  His movies have been translated into multiple languages,  and sold overseas.  But he is much more than a movie director/producer.  He is an adventure traveler and has a bunch of interesting things.

He has driven in a Labor Day demolition derby,; he has been on the back of a few bulls; he’s a Golden Glove boxer;  and he went down to Florida to learn about alligators;.  Reisig has traveled the longest kayak race in the world traveling 320 miles across the entire state of Missouri;  he used to be a professional cowboy working as many as 16 hours a day in the saddle.  Most recently he has become a dog musher racing in the Midnight Run in the dead of winter racing a team of eight dogs across 90 miles of frozen Michigan upper peninsual.   In short he is the perfect guy to bring Jack London to the big screen.



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“Jack London’s stories deserve to be seen. ” says Reisig.

In “Son of the Wolf” you will see everything that you love about Jack London, author of ”
White Fang” and “Call of the Wild.” This is an amazing story full of dogs, wolves, a bear, boxing, knife fights, and a beautiful Native American girl.

“Son of the Wolf”  is directed by Joel Paul Reisig. With Andrew Dawe-Collins, Joel Paul Reisig, Joshua Ray Bell, Randall Perry.

Meigunn, a Czechoslovakian Vlcak, is the star ofReisig’s “Son of the Wolf” — with Lynn Terri.

Casting call reminder for two paid roles, extras and a PA

If you would be interested in getting involved in this production,  there is still room.

Joel Reisig still has roles open for two paid actors  for Act 2 of Jack London’s SON OF THE WOLF.

Mason – White or Native American, 35 – 59, a dog musher and outdoorsman.

Insane Woodsman – I’m looking for a serious actor, possibly a professional theater actor, long paragraphs with multiple thoughts that jump all over the place. Think of a castaway who has been marooned on an island for three years and is talking to another man for the first time. Ideally skinny, homeless looking. White or Native American.

He will also need extras, white or Native America males.

Looking for one PA to join us in Hastings, MI this Saturday, March 10th, for Jack London’s SON OF THE WOLF. You will also get to create a 2-4 minute BTS video. Send us a PM if you’re interested.


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