Concept video for Detroit based police officer/ paramedic drama ‘DPD Echo 1’ released

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March 8, 2018– The concept video for DPD Echo 1 has been released.  DPD Echo 1 follows two Detroit police officer paramedics on the graveyard shift.

DPD stands for Detroit Police Department and Echo 1 is the vehicle licensing designation given by the state of Michigan for any emergency vehicle with at least one paramedic on it.  This could be  a fire engine with firefighter and paramedic or a police car with a police officer who is also a paramedic.

After serving as both a police officer and as a paramedic since 1994  Joe Malouf found himself with stories to share and to dramatize an occupation that has never been celebrated on the silver screen. This film takes you into police officer’s homes, and you fall in love with their families and children. You ride with them on the night shift in Detroit, you can palpate the intensity of the calls they go on, once you get comfortable in your seat something unexpected changes the whole tempo of the moment.

Loosely based on the actual events experienced, Malouf thought Detroit would be the perfect backdrop for the movie as he lives in St. Clair Shores.  He knows there is never any shortage of action, nor heroes.  In this series you go on calls with him and his partner and see them on their adventures.  You see them function as police officers and paramedics.  You see these horrible calls that they go on and the emotional roller coaster experienced by these two cross trained professionals in the line of duty.

Produced by Malouf Films, LLC,  they have a standing casting call and are looking for actors as well as crew.

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