Joel Paul Reisig announces casting call for new faith based film

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Director Joel Paul Reisig announced his casting call for his very next project, March 2, 2018.  .  Entitled Faith Under Fire, this will be the story of a fireman who has his faith tested when he loses his family to cancer.   Produced by Melissa Kerley and Joel Paul Reisig, this film will star actor Dean Cain.

Dean Cain (AKA Dean George Tanaka) , is an American actor, producer, writer, director and television show host. He played the role of Superman in the TV series Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, and was host of Ripley’s Believe It or Not!

Filming will take place in and around Northville, Michigan from May 7 – 24. Dean Cain is playing the film’s main supporting role. Another name talent, yet to be announced will appear in this feature. Profits from the film are being donated to cancer research.

Casting will take place in Northville on Saturday, March 24. For the address, and to request sides, please send your headshot, resume, and role(s) you’re interested in to:

The following roles are open and paid; they are leads or major supporting:

Tom – 30 – 35, that all American quarterback look. Think Paul Walker. He is the movie’s lead, you must be clear for the entire shooting schedule. We will consider local and out of state talent. If cast, out of state talent will be housed.

Tiffany – age 6. Must be willing to get a very short haircut. This is a lead role, we will consider out of town talent and house you (and a parent) if you are cast. Tiffany will be on set as many as 10 days. We are not only looking for a great young actress, we also need a parent who understands and supports independent film.

Sara, 26-34, conservative, pretty. She is Tom’s wife, a major character in Act 1. Roughly 6 days.

Rebecca, 26-34, kind, attractive, Jewish. Roughly 6 days.

Melissa – 26- 34. A very kind nurse at Tiffany’s hospital. Two years after his wife’s death Tom has every right to date her, although he feels very awkward about the idea of dating. Roughly 5 days. Women 26 – 34 will likely be asked to read for Sara, Melissa, and, depending on your look, Rebecca.

Dr. Robinson – open to both genders and all races, age 35+ please. 1 day, many scenes.

Gene, 50s, male, fire chief. Open to all races. 3 to 4 days.

Steve, 26 – 39. Firefighter, film’s comic relief.

Devon, 26 – 39. Firefighter and solid family man. Men in this range will be asked to read for both Steve and Devon. Both Steve and Deven will be on set for 3 to 4 days.

—-Below this line are other small speaking roles, unpaid. We will not be bringing in people to read for these roles, however if you do not get one of the above roles you may later be cast in one of these other roles:

Mother of girl in fire

Lisa, church girl

2 ushers

ER doctor


Nurse 1

Nurse 2

Church greeters

Administration Assistant


Stacey the Bar waitress

Joan, Dan’s wife

Presently Reisig is working on a feature based on Jack London’s Son of the Wolf.

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