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Have you seen Harley Wallen’s production of “Moving Parts”? If you haven’t, this world class production,  world film festival favorite and winner of multiple awards will shortly appear on different TVOD platorms and then, possibly,  SVOD platforms.

In a Facebook post last night, February 27,  director Harley Wallen teased that the Painted Creek Productions and Caribbean Fury Productions, LLC  production of Moving Parts will be on “pretty much all transactional platforms March 27th!”

Wrote Wallen, “Watch all over the world on TV On Demand, Vudu, Amazon, Direct TV, ITunes etc. If we get a nice buzz we have a good shot at Netflix, Hulu and Redbox after a few months.”

Described as a high tension thriller with many surprises,  Moving Parts is about two very opposite couples who are drawn into organized crime. It doesn’t take long until you realize everything and everyone is not what they seem. This movie is packed with surprises.

More about Moving Parts

Official Moving Parts teaser trailer.

“Since Moving Parts is about to hit the market I would love it if you hopped on and gave us a great rating especially all love you who saw it at the red carpet screening or at any of the many festivals! ” wrote Wallen.

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