DJ Perry’s 1800’s Story ‘Wild Michigan’ Released as a Novel

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CDI Publishing releases first book under new banner ahead of new movie with similar themes slated for a 2018 release.

Michigan-based Collective Development Inc. is known in the world of motion picture production but now publishing can be added to that list of services. CDI Publishing has been launched by CEO, DJ Perry. He is known internationally as an actor and producer but until recently he wasn’t as known for his screenwriting.

“It’s not something I’ve actively marketed in the past but I’ve had years where my writing paid me higher than acting.” – DJ Perry

For those in the knowing, Mr. Perry has had a great track record of writing for the screen. He’s been paid to adapt several books to screenplay such as the WW1 Top Gun script “Ace” from the book “Son of Rich Man” by John Anthony Watson and “Bigfoot Runs Amok” by world-renown children’s writer Johnathan Rand.

The traditional flow is for movies to be made from books but several screenplays written by DJ Perry have been turned into books. The book “Teaster” written by Bob Terrell was adapted from Perry’s Smoky Mountain western script released by Lionsgate as “Dean Teaster’s Ghost Town” and the Dungeons and Dragons-style script/movie “Knight Chills” whom Perry shared screenplay credit with Jeff & Juanita Kennedy was turned into a book this year by author David H. Hayes and is being distributed by Source Point Press.

Over a decade ago Perry penned a screenplay called “Wild Michigan” about an interracial family facing dangers in post-Civil War Michigan. The film almost happened several times and Perry had author/poet Dee Freeman turn his screenplay into a book to assist in marketing. Fast forward to 2017 where the final touches are being done on the feature film “Wild Faith,” a revamped screenplay that carries many of the same themes as the original script. It will release in 2018 worldwide as a motion picture with buzz of an on-going TV series.

“The page one rewrite had everything to do with shooting on a lower budget and adding ideas from creative discussions with our director Jesse Low.” – DJ Perry

Director Jesse Low had collaborated with Collective Development Inc. previously on the biblical adventure “Forty Nights” now in distribution on Amazon Prime and several other platforms. With the pending 2018 release of “Wild Faith” the idea of updating the book to match the new screenplay/film was considered. But it was decided that it would be more interesting to leave the book in it’s original form. Some of the characters are different and the action is much greater in the book form. That’s not to say that the new film isn’t full of action and intense drama as you can see from the trailer.


So if you are interested in the story that originally inspired the film – Wild Michigan is a good read. It is available here –…

CDI Publishing is now active with plans to release other CDI stories in book form. As for DJ Perry he’s in talks with various literary representation to market this skill set that he’s kept relatively low key.

“As I get older – writing might become more appealing versus all the action-based acting that I tend to do now, but I think I will continue to do both. Writing is pure enjoyment for me. The fact that it’s being accepted for the screen and in book form is beyond flattering.”

One of DJ’s mentors Mr. Rance Howard, patriarch of the Howard family who recently passed put it best –

“He (DJ) creates dynamic characters and has a fine sense of structure, plotting, and story telling.  His scenes move with natural urgency and contain an exceptional balance of drama, humor, and poignancy. In my opinion, this young man is the ultimate screenwriter and I unequivocally recommend him for any writing assignment he is willing to tackle.”

Wild Michigan was prepped for release by Florence Price/The Novel Difference.

Collective Development Inc.

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