Multi-talented filmmakers join the cast of Collective Development Inc.’s, ‘MBF’

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Michigan’s own, Shane Hagedorn and David Gries, seasoned actors with character role and leading man credentials, have far exceeded ‘one-trick pony’ status.

Running the filmmaking gamut of experience – from actor, writer, director, editor, to producer, graphics designer, webmaster and production coordinator – the two men have joined the cast of Collective Development Incorporated’s feature film, ‘MBF’ (Man’s Best Friend), scheduled to roll cameras in March in mid-Michigan.

Written by DJ Perry (who stars as Paul Landings, an Afghanistan war-wounded Marine veteran), ‘MBF’ is an engaging, yet dramatic cautionary tale that explores parallels between the treatment of military veterans and ‘last chance’ shelter dogs.

The film touches on an array of veterans’ and societal issues. From PTSD and other mental health/psychiatric disorders to mistreatment and abuse of animals (specifically canines); disrespectful, troubled teens; and, the arrogance of perceived privilege by those in positions of power.

Explains ‘MBF’ Director Anthony Hornus, “What sets ‘MBF’ apart is its reach for redemptive balance. Our story exposes the darkness of man’s inhumanity, yet embraces the goodness in the hearts of others. Shane and David are great additions to the ensemble.”

Both Mr. Hagedorn and Mr. Gries honed their acting skills in community and collegiate theater.

Shane started in 2000 in Lansing Community College’s Theater Program. He earned many roles and trained in disciplines from improv, comedy and drama, to Shakespeare.

His venture into film (he’s now been involved in nearly a dozen films) began with 2008’s ‘The Model Father,’ a piece he wrote, produced, directed and edited. He collaborated on two award-winning features with Rebel Pictures, ‘Fairview St. and ‘Handlebar’ (which he co-wrote and earned a Detroit festival nomination for best supporting actor). His ‘break-out’ film, ‘Ashes of Eden,’ a gritty urban drama (that he wrote, directed and co-produced under his company, Newhouse Entertainment), introduced him to the CDI Tribe of artists.

Shane earned the role of Arch Angel ‘Gabriel’ and he appears in all three of CDI’s films in ‘The Quest Trilogy’ (‘Forty Nights,’ ‘Chasing the Star’ and ‘The Christ Slayer,’ due out in 2018).

Audiences will soon see Shane in a starring role as ‘Emmett,’ a quiet Civil War veteran and family man, in CDI’s 1870’s drama, ‘Wild Faith’ due out in 2018.

“I get to work with a team of professionals that I call friends,” enthused Shane of ‘MBF.’ “Like- minded problem solvers who blend business and art seamlessly to tell great stories. I’m proud to be on a project telling a story about real-life heroes.”

Mr. Gries, a staple in the Grand Rapids stage and film scene, is coming into his own as an actor. In 2011’s ‘Mimesis,’ David worked with horror icon Sid Haig. His work was labeled ‘stellar’ on ‘America’s Most Haunted’ and 2017’s ‘The Lost Within’ in highly memorable roles.

With credited work on more than 20 films (shorts and features) in various capacities, David came across the radar in Lansing through his friendship and work with actress Melissa Anschutz, who is also a producer with CDI.

In ‘The Christ Slayer,’ David gives an impassioned turn as a conflicted Roman Centurian, ‘Crispus,’ who is at the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, while audiences will see him in ‘Wild Faith’ as ‘Ely,’ part of a racist, local band of cut-throats. Both films are in post-production and due out in 2018.

“We embark on another story-telling journey and I’m so honored to again join the CDI ranks,” said Mr. Gries. “MBF is not just a touching story about connection between humans and our animal companions, it’s a look into the treatment of those who have served our country.”

Concludes Mr. Gries, “Being a dog owner, my family and I understand the bond. The human/canine story inside ‘MBF’ is touching and beautiful, while the damaged, returning war veteran portion of the

tale is powerful and poignant. Most of all, it’s relevant. For today, tomorrow, always.” ‘MBF’ is slated to be released by Bridgestone Multimedia Group (BMG).

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