Director Harley Wallen answers, “How have you arranged to get Hollywood actors to appear in your films?”

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Harley Wallen’s newest film “Into a Dark Mind” will have its limited screening at Emagine Theater, Royal Oak, Michigan, September 24, 2017.

This production stars both Dennis Haskins (best known as Mr. Belding from “Saved by the Bell”) and Tom Sizemore (“Saving Private Ryan,” “Blackhawk Down”) Says Wallen, “As far as Hollywood talent we have Tom Sizemore and Dennis Haskins and I am so happy with their amazing performances and strong work ethic as far as getting the job done. What’s really exciting is how much of them we see in the film as almost half of the scenes have either (one) or the other of them in it!”

Asked how he was able to arrange for these two Hollywood names to appear in his latest indie production (his fourth feature release to date)–this is no easy task as it is-something indie filmmakers struggle to do–Wallen answered.

“As far as how, you need to obviously connect with agents or if you have friends in common, see if you can get your script in front of them and have them be your advocate to their agent. I can say it was far more difficult to draw Hollywood talent until a few awards came and the word of mouth started making its way to Hollywood. Now I am approached by Hollywood talent to be a part and that’s a beautiful thing!”

You can see both Dennis Haskins and Tom Sizemore in Wallen’s latest production, “Into a Dark Mind” at the Emagine Theatres 200 N Main St, Royal Oak, Michigan 48067 Hosted by Painted Creek Productions, this very highly anticipated Feature Film–one for which Wallen was recognized as Best Director by the ARFF Barcelona, Spain— in addition to Haskins and Sizemore,  will star Kris Reilly (Moving Parts, Taken Over) Kaiti Wallén (Taken Over, Moving Parts) Jesi Jensen (Taken Over, Dark Iris) Harley Wallen (Moving Parts, I Declare War TV Series) Jerry Hayes (Moving Parts, Getting Out) Jessika Johnson (Moving Parts, Midnight Hour) Dennis Marin (Moving Parts, Batman Knightmare) Henry Frost III (Moving Parts, BatmanVSuperman)

Tickets can ONLY be purchased from Cast & Crew and are very limited, get yours ASAP!!

Anticipated Rating is R
Red Carpet 6PM to 7PM
Showtime 7PM to 9PM
Mingle 9PM to Close

Each ticket is only $25 and includes Red Carpet event 6PM-7PM and the mingle 9-11PM!

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