‘Wild Faith’ releases first official poster

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Collective Development Inc. continues to tell the plight of soldiers in their filmmaking endeavors.

wild-faith-first official poster

DJ Perry, CEO of Collective Development Inc. (CDI) – has developed feature films in various genres throughout the years. One of his more popular films was the epic looking Civil War action/drama “Wicked Spring” that recently turned 17 years old.  He portrayed the Union lead John Sunderlin. That role pushed him to explore the very depths of being in that conflict and the humanity of it all.

“I wanted to honor the men who fought and died in a believable, respectable way.” DJ Perry

The film continues to play TV and plans are in place for a new 2018 release. The plight of the common soldier has been a reoccurring theme in some of their films. Most recently CDI produced the period action/drama “Wild Faith,” about a Civil War vet Emmett Murphy (Shane Hagedorn) trying to return to a “normal life” in Hastings, Michigan post war. Things are made complicated by Emmett’s taking in of a Negro widower, Haddie (Lisa Lauren Smith) and her child.

The film surprisingly, still has situations that are as applicable today as they were at that time in our history.  Once again a task of bringing dignity to this time of growth in our nation is highlighted. DJ Perry penned the script and produced with a team led by Melissa Anschutz and Anthony Hornus. The film’s Executive Producers were Jeff DeLongchamp and Fritz Wahlfield Junior. Directed by Jesse Low (Forty Nights) “Wild Faith” is slated for completion this year. Next year it’s expected to have a limited theatrical run followed by national release into the General Market.

Joining their previously released teaser trailer is the first official poster.

Wild Faith trailer

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CDI is following this trend of highlighting the plight of soldiers with their upcoming film “MBF” (Man’s Best Friend) which is about a wounded vet trying to get his life back together while working as a janitor at a local animal shelter for dogs.  Financial backers are being brought on as casting and location scouting continues. Anthony Hornus (Standing Post) will direct this DJ Perry penned script.

CDI is committed to creating content that casts a positive light on meaningful social issues. The understanding and treatment of soldiers returning from war, with wounds both external and internal is a theme worth telling.  Soldiers are soldiers – what they fight for might change but the results often do not.  Their sacrifice should not be forgotten.

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