First-Look Teaser for ‘The Christ Slayer’ Brings CDI’s ‘The Quest Trilogy’ Full Circle

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The final installment of Collective Development Incorporated’s edgy faith-based trilogy, ‘The Christ Slayer,’ filmed in March in Yuma, AZ, will offer audiences a first-look inside the troubled life of Roman Centurian ‘Longinus,’ when the teaser-trailer is released worldwide via social media this Monday, Aug. 7th.


‘The Christ Slayer,’ due out in theaters around Easter 2018, culminates a three-year campaign in the hills and desert terrain of southwest Arizona and southeast California by Lansing, Mich.-based CDI. The formidable feature filmmaking force from The Great Lakes State also produced the award-winning ‘Forty Nights’ (the story of Jesus’ temptation in the wilderness) and ‘Chasing the Star’ (which follows the Three Magi on their epic and perilous journey seeking out the birth of the Messiah) in the first two- thirds of ‘The Quest Trilogy.’

Forty Nights,’ winner of ‘Most Inspirational Film’ at this year’s International Christian Film Festival, is available at many retail and online outlets, while ‘Chasing the Star,’ following a strong regional theatrical run, will be released nationwide on DVD Sept. 5th.

All of CDI’s “The Quest Trilogy” films are being distributed by Bridgestone Multimedia Group (BMG).


Just as all of CDI’s last four films, ‘The Christ Slayer’ was written by DJ Perry, who also reprises his role as Jesus of Nazareth from ‘Forty Nights.’ Perry, along with Melissa Anschutz (Bestseller, Wild Faith, Land of the Outlaws) as Mother Mary and Anthony Hornus (Ghost Town: The Movie, Wicked Spring, The Cell) also produces.

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Directed (and edited) by Michigan State University alum Nathaniel Nose (Pencils Down, Alien Rising), ‘The Christ Slayer’ also stars Carl Weyant (Karma: Crime, Passion, Reincarnation, The Actor, Ashes of Eden) as Longinus; Josh Perry (Looper, American Cowslip, Shameless, I’m Dying Up Here) as his faithful sidekick Albus; David Gries (Wild Faith, The Lost Within) as centurion Crispus; Taymour Ghazi (Ghost Town: The Movie, NCIS: New Orleans, Criminal Minds) as centurion officer Vitus; and, Rance Howard (Nebraska, A Beautiful Mind, The X Files), as Devil as An Old Man.

Mr. Howard, Mr. Ghazi and Shane Hagedorn (as arch-angel Gabriel) are the only actors to appear in all films of the trilogy.


‘The Christ Slayer,’ brilliantly shot by Director of Photography Jesse Aragon (who has filmed the last four CDI projects), follows Longinus, a reluctant centurion, a lost, tortured soul who cannot hold up under the pressure of pleasing his father, a high-ranking official within the Roman Legion ranks.

After Longinus is ordered by his superior, the cruel Vitus, to expedite the death of Jesus on the cross by plunging a spear into his side (“Bleed him!!”), he sets off on a journey with his faithful attendant, Albus.

It is a trek, a ‘biblical road trip’ if you will, fraught with danger (physical and emotional), temptation, anger and frustration as Longinus tries to run away from his present, in search of whether or not his past is meaningful enough to restore a future.

The multi-talented musician/composer Dennis Therrian, as in all movies produced by CDI, is post- production supervisor and his musical scores, as well as sound design, breathe life and layers into the stunning vistas and narrative story-lines of the films.

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