Photographer captures splendor of high desert and mountain areas in stills

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Photographer Dennis Boyd has an eye for the splendor of the high desert and mountainous areas of Arizona, Mexico and Colorado,  something with which he had little knowledge growing up as he was originally from Michigan.

But photography is something in which he has always had interest.  ”  I have always been fascinated and intrigued with photography. Ever since snapping pictures, during my childhood, of my mothers flower garden with my 35mm Kodak Automatic Retina camera. I was fortunate to grow up in Mt. Clemens, Michigan where our local camera store owner Tom Swain of “Mayfair Camera” noticed my enthusiasm and “natural eye for composition” encouraged, and later tutored me in photography. At age 14 I purchased my first professional camera, a twin lens Yashica Mat 124 with it’s 2.25″ format.  I was on my way. My next purchase was a Pentax 35mm with interchangeable bayonet mount lenses.”

Look at these photos.  Each pops with a majesty that hearkens back to the early photos of Ansel Adams

As well as taking photos of the scenery of these largely unspoiled areas,  he has also taken photos of the wildlife of the same. Here are a handful of photos which he has captured.   Each of these animals seems posed for their personal photos.


Asked what kind of equipment he used and exactly how close he may have gotten for each photo,  he answered, ” I am now working with a Sony A-58 digital camera Sony A-58 digital camera… the mountain lion, and Mexican wolf (75 – 100 yards) with a 55/300 and a 100/500 zoom lens. “

While the last of these photos certainly did not pose the same threat nor challenge as the photos of the wildlife (above),  you can see how Dennis does with close ups of the plant life of this area.   Each of these display the same discerning eye of an artist.



For more of Dennis Boyd’s work go to his website

Dennis Boyd is a personal friend of mine,  we grew up in the Mt. Clemens, Michigan area.  Thank you for sharing these photos, Dennis.

All photos are the right of Dennis Boyd, Photographer.

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