Role Playing Movie ‘Knight Chills’ Getting New Life

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KnightChillsposterROLL THE DICE! Let the Quest continue…In these times of retro film reemergence a VHS hit from the late 90’s is getting new life as a book and much more.

Many moons ago there was an age when nerds gathered in person to sit around a gaming table with their friends. Pizza fueled nights of imaginative role-playing games often set in worlds of sword, sorcery and high adventure. The founders of the Michigan-based motion picture production company Collective Development Inc. were early role players of Advanced Dungeons and Dragons and several games of that era. For the uninitiated -Role Playing is lazy man’s acting, whereas players assume the roles of warriors, priests, magic users, thieves and such professions in their attempts to complete quests.

When the Dungeons and Dragons game was first rising in popularity, many parents did not understand what the game was about. This led to wild speculations that the game was a cult, perhaps some gateway to Satanic life. Others claimed it caused sanity loss and even death. Most likely the only thing it caused was weight gain from all the junk food consumed.

Director Jeff Kennedy and his wife artist Juanita Kennedy, penned the script “Knight Chills” with actor/producer DJ Perry. The film was their first attempt at a feature length motion picture. The result is a cautionary tale about bullies and the bullied. It shows the consequences that could follow if the imagination could transcend death. Gamers will love the classic dialog and references. Others will enjoy the set dressing and gaming items showcased throughout the film. While the PG-13 film is not a masterpiece, it’s memorable and has shown itself to be a film to which many could related to.KnightChillshelmet

After several domestic US releases and multiple foreign licenses this little movie became one of those ‘Must See’ films for the gamers of following generations. The film even earned notice from Gary Gygax, who was one of the founders of the role playing movement. “Knight Chills” has survived as part of the Comic-Con underground for many years now. One of the fans of the film is none other than iconic writer/filmmaker David C. Hayes. After he expressed his interest in the film a deal was struck to have the script/movie turned into a book.  Source Point Press will be distriubuting the film via national retailers and at Comic Cons across the country. Purchasers of the book will be treated to a special screening link to the original film.

“Knight Chills is one of those rare films that both pays homage to its source material and takes it in a new direction. It is a film about roleplayers, yes, and the games that they are enamored with but it is also about love, heartbreak, loss and what happens when fantasy worlds take residence in our own reality. There is room for both, of course, but the outcome is based on which master is served and in which amount. Knight Chills takes us down a dark path and forces us to see what happens when the fantasy outweighs the reality. Ahead of its time, let’s hope a new audience can give Knight Chills the attention it deserves.”

David C. Hayes (A Man Called Nereus, Rottentail and Cherub)

Since this deal was struck talks of a sequel film has became more solid. It has been confirmed that a sequel script has been written and multiple talks seeking a director have taken place. Discussions to publish spin off products such as comic books and/or graphic novels is now on-going. “Knight Chills” Rides Again!

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