#M(ichigan)M(ovie)H(istory), On this day, July 28, 1955, actress Dey Young was born

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Today is actress and sculpture Dey Young’s birthday.   Born in  Bloomfield Hills, Michigan,  Dey comes from a long pedigree of film industry people.

Dey is sister of writer/director Lance Young. Younger sister of actress Leigh Taylor-Young. Aunt of actor Patrick O’Neal and actress Rebecca De Mornay.  Through marriage,  Dey is ex-wife of actor-producer David Ladd;  mother, with David Ladd, of daughter Shane Ladd.   ex-stepmother of actress Jordan Ladd.;  Sister-in-law of Alan Ladd Jr. and Alana Ladd;  daughter-in-law of Alan Ladd and Sue Carol.

Among Young’s acting credits is the part of Kate Rambeau in Rock ‘n’ Roll High School, a character she re-visited in the 1994 film Shake, Rattle and Rock!. She has also appeared in films such as Strange Behavior, The Running Man, The Serpent and the Rainbow, Spontaneous Combustion, Pretty Woman, No Place to Hide, Conflict of Interest, National Lampoon’s Barely Legal and Flicka.

Both she and her elder sister Leigh Taylor-Young made guest appearances in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (1993): Dey in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: A Simple Investigation (1997) and Leigh in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Prodigal Daughter (1999).

Young is also a professional sculptor, working in stone, clay, and bronze. Her pieces have appeared in several exhibitions.


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