Michigan actors appear in mega-blockbuster seen worldwide

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Michigan actors Connie Kincer and Brian Heintz appear on set of ‘The Fate of the Furious’

Imagine being in a movie that becomes a box office smash hit. Imagine that movie being one biggest draws with a record breaking first week box office totals seen world-wide.   Still imagine while not being on the same set, being in the same movie with action stars Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Vin Diesel, and Jason Statham, or Kurt Russell, Charlize Theron and a host of other Hollywood elites.  This would completely rock.

For Michigan actors Connie Kincer (of Livionia) and Brian Heintz (Detroit), this was no doubt a dream come true.

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Connie Kincer is known for her work on Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016), Descend (2017) and Surviving Compton: Dre, Suge & Michel’le (2016)  Brian Heintz, is known for both acting and stunt work in Moving Parts, A Parent’s Worst Nightmare (2017) and Be Somebody (2017).

The production that they were part of is the recently released, “The Fate of the Furious” (alternatively known as Fast & Furious 8 and Fast 8, and often stylized as F8), the eighth installment of the “The Fast and Furious” franchise. The American action film, directed by F Gary Gray and written by Chris Morgan, is breaking box office records with its first week totals; it has grossed $685 million worldwide, making it the second highest-grossing film of 2017. The film grossed $532 million worldwide during its opening weekend, setting the record for the highest-grossing opening of all time, ahead of Star Wars: The Force Awakens ($529 million).

Although both may be un-credited for the roles in which they are appear, Connie can be seen in multiple roles as an extra as a New York pedestrian, .tourist, girl at flower stand in what she calls “fast glimpses” and can point to being listed on IMDB as being part of the rest of the cast with her name and photo appearing listed alphabetically.

Describing her experience, “I spent three weeks with weekends off as a core background on the set of “Fate of The Furious” Even though I didn’t get more than a “glimpse,” the memories I took with me from that awesome set from cast /crew to the treasured friends whom as we now are referred to as “Fast 8 Rogue Family Forever” are priceless.
I remain forever grateful for the opportunity given to me by my friend and awesome casting director Angela Boehm’s CSA.”

It was Angele Boehm who first contacted Connie with this opportunity.  Connie relates her experience on being called, ‘I definitely screamed after the call along with my silly happy dance ( I) couldn’t wait to pack and go (to Cleveland)!”

Says Connie, “I can’t be scene in multiple roles; they are really “fast glimpses.”  I know it’s me. But I was there! I was given credit, but I guess because there’s no solid air time,  there’s no credit.   Not fair, but I’m blessed no less. “

Describing her experience, “It was pretty incredible with cars flying in the air, out of buildings; things blowing up.  Awesome sauce!   All the New York part was Cleveland and I seen it.  I can never un-see that film and all the events during filming.  Truly the memories will last me a lifetime.”
Did Connie meet any of Hollywood’s elites, “We unfortunately had stand in doubles in Cleveland.   The stars never graced Cleveland.  I met a lot more of the crew and was happy to see some familiar faces as same grips and stunt drivers as Batman vs. Superman in Detroit!”

Adds Connie, “And yes I was so excited for Brian.  I was thrilled to have him come to set. It was fascinating.  Some locals watching on the street from a distance thought he was Vin They were all giddy and screaming.  Then I walked towards him and he runs and picks me up.  I know he was nervous and we are pretty tight friends. I’m glad I was there for him too.  (As) I was walking back, they (all) wanted to know who I was that Vin Diesel picked me up like that.  Needless to say, Brian and I had a great laugh later that day.”

Connie Kincer is represented by Production plus ,  I Group (Commercial ),  Chicago Agents Ambassador and Babes and Beaus

Brian recalls his experience on set of Fate of the Furious

While Brian was to appear as Vin Diesel’s   double, and can be seen in photos taken while on set, his name does not appear on IMDB.

“I was actually in Chicago at the time working behind the scenes filming a live comedy show when my phone was lit up with messages. Apparently, a lot of my filming friends seen that Cleveland was looking for a body double for Vin and contacted me right away (just goes to show you here in Michigan, we all look out for one another). Some even had submitted my headshots over to Angela Boehm already.  I believe Connie was one of them. My friend Donovan Darius (whom I just met a month ago from my boss at the time Harry Kefalonitis (from Harry’s Detroit Bar) who is also an actor, is friends with Angela  He contacted her directly saying he knew the perfect guy to double Vin..Me   I was on cloud 9!!

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“I got home from Chicago and received a call from Angela. She said she’s worked with Vin before and never had a double that looked (as) close to him as I did. From there I got to go to Cleveland for a test shoot–one day. While I was there, I had heard Vin’s stunt people like to use friends of theirs to double him so I felt like I had no chance to get a call back after the test run. It was so unreal being there, holding a sign up in the dressing room that read Brian Heintz Double Dom (Dom is the character). About a week later, Angela called and said that I didn’t get it. I was bummed but glad I got to go out there for a day, wear the clothes of Dom, and sit in his muscle car

“About a week or so after that, Angela called me and said they needed me for two days “right away!” I was pumped! My bar job was excited for me and covered my work shifts.  I took my mother with me out to Cleveland for two days. First day was just fittings because they switched his outfit from when I did test run   the 2nd day I filmed. It was so awesome to see this set behind the scenes: all the cars, the people, the cameras. When I got on set, people were waving at me. At one time, they had security escort me to a secure area because some people tried to run at me and take pictures when I got out of the van. Finally, after they set up my scene, they flipped the car over and had me crawl inside of it with a walkie-talkie (so I could hear them say action). They had a 6 million drone on me. On action, I crawled out, grabbed a silver briefcase, and ran down the street and cut down an alley.

“I was so nervous but Angela said I looked just like him when I was running.

“I was disappointed upon getting there that none of the actors were there. I was so looking forward to meeting Vin Diesel (and hoping to get more work.).They were filming all stunts in Cleveland and all the dialogue scenes were being filmed in Atlanta (where all the main actors were). I have friends that have doubled mainstream actors before and told me they hang out with them all day. Unfortunately this movie was not the case. I will meet him one day.

“Nonetheless, it was a phenomenal experience.  I love that my acting family from Michigan was looking out for me.

“I did see Connie on set briefly as I was going to my mark I scooped her up and gave her a big hug. It was great seeing someone I knew.”

Although the parts which they played were but fleeting glimpses, if they appeared at all, this was an experience which these two Michigan actors will remember for the rest of their lives.  No doubt.  However, if Michigan…


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