Lowing Light & Grip GR buys film production studio

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Nestled in Kent County, southwest of Grand Rapids is the city of Wyoming, Michigan. Home to an estimated 74,000 people, Wyoming is the 14th largest city in Michigan. It was also the home of Deano’s Studio.


Built in 1998 as a sound stage facility where commercials, feature-length films, and corporate television stations are produced, to accommodate commercial production for the auto industry, Deano’s largest sound stage could fit a full-size semi-truck with room to spare. Herman Miller, Steelcase and Gordon Foods were among its clients

When founders Dean Horn and his wife, René Anderson thought of putting the studio up for sale, they wanted to find buyers who “could fit right in.”

After negotiating for two years, Michigan-based Lowing Light & Grip has bought Deano’s Studio.

Lowing Light & Grip has always offered all the grip and electric equipment for film and commercial production. When Deano’s became available Lowing thought it would make a great addition to their product offerings.

Lowing  Light & Grip will look for ways to expand on what Dean and René have built including retaining existing freelancers and contractors and hiring more (at 2450 Airway St. NE.) LL&G will continue as a rental company that provides tools used in film production, including lighting, grip and camera support equipment, along with sales and service of that equipment at its 1500 Whiting St. SW location in Wyoming.

Horn is still planning to work on creative projects through Lowing Light & Grip and Lowing Studios. Co-owners David Lowing and Matthew Lowing plan to change the name from Deano’s to Lowing Studios.

Mark Adler, Michigan Production Alliance, Video Assist Technician, suggested this story. He had this to say regarding the Lowings “Dave and Matt are two of the kindest most professional guys I have worked with.”


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