Because of creative differences, Daniel Daune leaves production of The Legend of Dog Lady Island

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It’s not unusual at all for a key actor, director or other cast or crew members to back out of a production. Consider:  Although Legendary Pictures’ Kong:Skull Island was originally to be shot in part in Detroit,  and was to feature Oscar winner JK Simmons, neither happened.  And Lifetime’s Flint water crisis movie was to feature Cher, again a no go.  So, it is not unusual that changes have been made in the locally produced The Legend of Dog Lady Island.

The Legend of Dog Lady Island is being filmed about Monroe, Michigan’s Dog Lady Island, a story about a cursed island in Monroe that has been the location of many tragedies and haunted by a dog like female demon that goes back many generations, as a present day detective races to find answers to the curse before someone else is harmed.

As explains actor/director Michael Alexander, “There are some crew changes to my film. (co-director) Daniel Daune is no longer on my project due to creative differences.  So, with that said,  I am directing alone.”  No other details were offered.

Regarding the existing crew, Alexander offered, ‘My DP (director of photography)  is very experienced, has a lot of knowledge Victor Pytko.  Camera is Chris Honoway;  boom operator Bryce Crooks;  grip Rand Williams and the best sound recordist I’ve ever met,  Matt Sisco.  Also sharing special FX make-up is Nancy Oswein and Morgan Gettys

“We have others that are helping out with set building etc… I’ll mention in future.”

The Legend of Dog Lady Island is being filmed on location on Dog Lady Island, at an undisclosed castle-like location in Flint, and other locations throughout Michigan and will feature the triumvirate of TJ Storm,  Iron Mike Foster and Justin James Kucsulain.

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