Behind the Scenes of ‘The Legend of Dog Lady Island’

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Production has started on the Michael Alexander/Westside Warriors Film “The Legend of Dog Lady Island.”

Says Michael Alexander,  ” Very excited tomorrow (March 18)  will be a first table read, cast and crew meeting .And we are exactly one week away from starting to film my first feature “The Legend Of Dog Lady Island.”  It feels like just yesterday I wrote it,  but now we have very strong cast, crew and the special FX that we are going to do along with some awesome locations is going to make this come to life for everyone to see that we along with a few others out there making movies here, can still make great feature films here in Michigan.”

After a successful table read last Saturday, March 18, 2017,  filming began and with Michael Alexander’s permission we are able to share some behind the scenes (BTS) photos with you.

Based on the legend of an island which exists in the Monroe, Michigan area, and the terrifying stories around it,  this production features actors TJ Storm, Michael Wayne “Iron Mike” Foster and Justin Kucsulain.   It was written by Michael Alexander and is co-directed by Michael Alexander and Daniel Duane.

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On March 26 at 10:55PM,  ·Michael Alexander wrote, “Ok, so we have two days of filming done.  Like 18 more to go.  Should be done filming by mid-May and then to edit through summer adding sound,  some after effects,  color etc….then I hope to have the biggest red carpet premier at a huge theater inviting all my friends,  family and film community before this goes off to distribution I’ve had like 100 people ask when it would be done so this is the plan now it’s time to get to work. Thank you to everyone for all of the support.”



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