Actor Tom Sizemore arrives, shoots and departs Detroit metro area for his appearance in Harley Wallen’s “Into a Dark Mind”

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TomSizemoreExclusiveshotfromIntoADarkMindThe Detroit area is proving to be a magnet drawing bigger names despite its loss of film incentives.  Although it may be argued that the Mitten state has always drawn bigger Hollywood names,  one indie mogul/director who is successfully attracting familiar faces to the state is Harley Wallen.

Most recently he brought in actor Tom Sizemore to appear in this latest production, “Into a Dark Mind.”   Sizemore rose to fame in the 1990s as a tough guy-actor much sought after by the most respected directors in the business.   Sizemore is noted as having appeared in Michael Mann’s “Heat”(1995),  Peter Hyam’s “The Relic” (1997); Riddley Scott’s “Black Hawk Down” among others,


Sizemore came in last Friday for the filming of Wallen’s latest production, “Into a Dark Mind.”   He arrived at the Detroit Metro airport from LA for the weekend of shooting his part in this movie on Friday, and was to stay an extra day so that Wallen and he could “hang out. ”

In Harley Wallen’s “Into a Dark Mind,” Sizemore will play Max London, the male protagonist lead. He starts the film in jail and when he comes out he finds out what his daughter Amanda London (Kaiti Wallen) is saying has happened. When he realizes the kind of people he’s up against he decides to shake some trees on his own.

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Says Wallen regarding Sizemore’s role, “I’m truly excited to be apart of what I believe will be his resurgence as he’s really pushing to regain what he’s lost. He feels a sense of renewed purpose and I’m stoked to have him play a lead role in ‘Into a Dark Mind’ and it doesn’t hurt that the role of Max London fits him incredibly well in top of having a dream team in front and behind the camera. “

Sizemore left the Detroit area Tuesday.

‘Into a Dark Mind’ is a Painted Creek Productions, Caribbean Fury Productions and Auburn Moon Productions

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