3 big guns sign on for ‘Dog Lady Island’

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It’s possible to live in Michigan your whole life and not be aware of an island which exists in Lake Erie east of Monroe, Michigan, approximately 15 miles north of the state line.

If you aren’t aware of this island, it’s likely you have never heard of its legends.  But to Monroe residents and people who live in the surrounding areas, the legends are very real.  They are familiar to most as they have been told and retold for over 100 years, likely under star filled skies and full moons too many to be counted over the years.  These legends are the stuff of which nightmares are born.

DogLadyIslandImageOriginally called Fox Island, this island has changed hands many times, and with these changes of ownership, the owners tried to establish different things on the island, none of which met with success.

The original owners built a large home which was to be a religious retreat for young women.  Later the Kausler family bought the property and renamed it Kausler Island,  The Kauslers moved to town in the 1930s.  One individual started a pig farm on the island and another started a garbage dump. No one and nothing ever thrived on the island except for the original couple.

In 1961 the original mansion burnt to the ground and the husband of the original family, left the wife alone to live with her pack of wild dogs.  It was about this old lady, her pack of wild dogs and the terrible things which were supposed to have happened that these legends were born.

Now actor/director/producer Michael James Alexander, and his production company Westside Warrior Films are prepared to take this story to the big screen.  A Monroe resident his whole life, Alexander feels he is prepared to share this narrative from the early days of the island to modern days with a larger audience.

To help present this narrative, Alexander signed three bigger names from the entertainment industry and a cast of  Michigan professionals.

Three Big Guns
dogladyislandTJStormIncluded are actor T.J. Storm (AKA Juan Ricardo Ojeda).  A three  time Martial Arts Masters Hall of Famer, Storm has appeared in Punisher: War Zone, Resident Evil 5, Kickboxer  Vengeance and BloodRayne among other titles and has lent his voice as a voice over artist to video games such as Splinter Cell: Conviction,   Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds, Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D, UFC Undisputed 3,  Street Fighter V, among others.  In Dog Lady Island TJ Storm is the native American chief Strong Wolf  that lived on the island in the 1800s who starts this curse in motion.

DogLadyIslandKusclaienJustin James Kucsulain, a black belt in American Jiu Jitsu and a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu  has made multiple appearances on network and cable television in such programs as  Chicago P.D., The Walking Dead, Bloodline and Sleepy Hollow,   cinema, and a Netflix Original Series.  is a biker Jim Twisted Thompson in the ’70s who does some horrible things.

DogLadyIslandIronMikeFosterLastly, Michael Foster,  originally a High School English teacher for 9 years, has built up a formidable career in Hollywood as an actor in both film and television. His numerous credits Gi Joe: The Rise of Cobra; Miracle at Gate 213 where he played opposite of Academy Award winners Louis Gossett Jr. and Shirley Jones.  Michael then landed guest-starring roles in 90210, Disney’s Kickin’ It and Gamer’s Guide to Pretty Much Everything, MTV’s Awkward, Nickelodeon’s The Thundermans, The Middle and Black-ish. He has appeared multiple times on SYFY’s Face-Off and has been featured on ABC, ABC Family, STYLE, BRAVO, National Geographic and A&E.  is the French soldier Dureau who is more like a modern henchman.

Included in the cast are Rose Anne Nepa,  Kristin Mellian, Calhoun Koenig, Mike T. Tremblay, Kara Joy Reed , Andrew Dawe-Collins , George Avgoustis ,Dennis Marin ,Earnest Lee , Gregory Niessen, Diana C. Salinas,  Julia oullette,Mo-El zatarti ,Dan Zaremski,Rick Trombley,Mara Kenyon ,Narine Kchikian ,William Miller  Barton Bund,Brian Heintz , Ray Morgis and Kevin Mattson; just signed on also Roza Matevosian.




  1. AWESOME!!
    I can hardly wait to see this.
    My grandparents Aunt and my Mom lived right down the road from Dog Lady Island for many, many years. It was Mom ‘hang out’ spot in her teens.

  2. Being in one of the 10 original german families that settled monroe mi. I think its great for our history to be shared with others.

  3. Great! Been there a few times and it freaked me out. I’m not one to scare easily on the creepy side but it was creep factor ten! I gave a tour to about six friends in the early eighties and when we went back to the path there was a starving wet dog following us and it swam through the water and got to my van and circled the van waiting for us! We finally got in the van and split.

  4. I also thought Dog Lady Island was in Monroe, MI
    I remember the stories about that place and hanging out arpund there as a teenager. Pretty cool!

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