#MichiganConnection: Director Anne Fletcher taps Jennifer Aniston to star in teen comedy ‘Dumplin’’

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Director Anne Fletcher (Detroit born) has tapped Jennifer Anniston to star in the Julie Murphy novel based  Dumplin’.    Eyeing a summer shoot, the film is scripted by Kristin Hahn and produced under Michael Costigan’s (Ghost In The Shell) COTA Films banner   IMR will be launching international sales.

In the vein of Pitch Perfect and Bring It On, Dumplin’ is a music-driven comedy, The story centers on Willowdean, a confident, plus-sized, teen who is obsessed with all things Dolly Parton.  Aniston will star as Rosie (the mother), a former beauty pageant queen who now runs the local Texas pageant.  To spite her mom, Willowdean enlists some friends to join the local pageant – and what starts as an impulsive one-day protest snowballs as Will inadvertently becomes the inspiration for a outcast group of teens who join the pageant.

Given her “insider” perspective on her mother’s pageant world she had long scorned, Will gains new respect for her mom who, in turn, comes to admire a daughter she’s finally able to see, and love, for who she really is.

The film was originated at Disney, but recently shook loose and will go the indie route. CAA and UTA Independent Film Group are representing domestic.

Aniston is represented by CAA and Lighthouse Management & Media. Fletcher is represented by UTA.  Fletcher has directed The Proposal and 27 Dresses.

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