Counting down the days until Tom Sizemore comes to town to shoot his scenes for ‘Into a Dark Mind’

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Golden Globe nominee Tom Sizemore is coming to town.  Signed by director Harley Wallen to appear in the latest Painted Creek Productions/ Caribbean Fury Production and Auburn Moon production, “Into A Dark Mind.”, it is simply a matter of days.  The air is electric with anticipation.

Sizemore comes in Thursday evening.”  says Wallen, “We are filming Friday through Sunday and then he’s staying so we can hang out an extra day, he flies out on Tuesday.

Born Thomas Edward Sizemore, Jr. in Detroit, Sizemore attended Wayne State University before completing his master’s degree in theater from Temple University in Philadelphia in 1986.

In the 1990s, Sizemore established himself as a much in demand tough guy.  Sought by some of the leading directors in the business, he has appeared as “Detective Jack Scagnetti” in Oliver Stone’s controversial Natural Born Killers (1994); as Michael Cheritto in Michael Mann’s Heat (1995), as”Sergeant Horvath” in Steven Spielberg, Saving Private Ryan (1998); );  as psychotic paramedic in Martin Scorsese’s Bringing Out the Dead (1999).  In 2001 he had another leading role in the high-profile military drama Ridley Scott’s  Black Hawk Down.

In Harley Wallen’s Into a Dark Mind,  Sizemore will play Max London, the male protagonist lead. He starts the film in jail and when he comes out he finds out what his daughter Amanda London (Kaiti Wallen) is saying has happened. When he realizes the kind of people he’s up against he decides to shake some trees on his own.

Says Wallen regarding Sizemore’s role, “I’m truly excited to be apart of what I believe will be his resurgence as he’s really pushing to regain what he’s lost. He feels a sense of renewed purpose and I’m stoked to have him play a lead role in ‘Into a Dark Mind’ and it doesn’t hurt that the role of max London fits him incredibly well in top of having a dream team in front and behind the camera.

“Keep an eye out for Dennis Haskins in this film as I think he’s coming to take zero prisoners and will lay down a breathtaking performance as Senator Stevens.

Dennis Haskins (Richard Belding in Saved by the Bell,   A Million Ways to Die in the West, Taken Over) plays the role of Senator Stevens, a very powerful and influential man. Senator Stevens is not very happy with his son Justin (played by Kris Reilly) and the trouble he gets himself into and starts using his influence to protect his son his wife Claudia (Colleen Gentry) and himself.

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