Michigan’s UP is the setting for GeekNation’s original sci-fi/survivalist series Northbound season 2 opener

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Production companies Lullskull Ltd. and “A” Street Films, LLC. are proud to announce that following a very successful Kickstarter campaign with additional funds raised by Michigan-based businesses and arts organizations such as Dickinson County Community Theater, Wild Rivers Realty & Associates, Inc., Friends of the Braumart, Iron Mountain Area Tourism, and CCM 2000 in September 2016, combined with the guidance of Los Angeles-based Executive Producer Gary M. Bettman, the companies went back into production and filmed the 4-episode Opener of the GeekNation Original Sci-Fi/Survivalist Series NORTHBOUND Season 2, November 29th-December 9th, 2016 in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula region.

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The core Lullskull Ltd. trio of Co-Creators/Directors/brothers Seth and Nathan Anderson, and Producer/Writer Jason Hagen re-teamed with the Upper Peninsula, Michigan-based co-production company Aerial Vantage Productions, as well as key crew based in and around the cities of Iron Mountain, Norway, and Marquette to execute the 1st half of what is expected to be a very thrilling season of unique content on the GeekNation programming slate.  UK-based ambient artists O Yuki Conjugate return to provide haunting music, and national brands such as SOG Specialty Knives and Tools, Tru-Spec/5ive Star Gear, and BUDA provide in-kind tactical and apparel sponsorship, while GoPro supports with the use of their HERO5 camera to cover key action scenes.


Cast and crew of the 4-episode Opener of NORTHBOUND Season 2, filmed on-
Location in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula
Photo by Michael Johns

The 4-episode Opener was filmed over a 10-day period and took place in the cities and towns of Norway, Sagola, and at the former KI Sawyer Air Force Base in Gwinn, Michigan.  In addition to reuniting with the Michigan-based crew, the production also brought on numerous local crew talent, production resources, and cast extras to help bring the larger locations and scenes to life.   NORTHBOUND is an arts and community-driven web series component to a larger universe known as the NORTHSTAR SAGA.  This season will ultimately lead into an independent storyline of new characters, plot, and science fiction perimeters which will be the feature film NORTHSTAR.  The Andersons and Hagen are building the apparatus to make the entire saga in Michigan with a goal of not only giving back to the Andersons’ hometown of Iron Mountain, but igniting a sustaining arts movement that will contribute to regional economies.


Actor Nate Alwine returns as ex-Marine and father Alex
Image courtesy of “A” Street Films, LLC.

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