The air is still buzzing about the premiere of Harley Wallen’s latest feature film

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Director Harley Wallen sure knows how to throw a party, and his movie premiers are top notch as well.  Sunday’s Red Carpet premier of Taken Over at Royal Oak’s Emagine Theater drew over 300, with an estimate that totaled close to 400 as the first three auditoriums in the cinema complex were sold out with an audience that had come to see the premiere and see the cast and crew of Wallen’s newest production.

According to the theater, “This was the largest movie premiere which has been staged here (Emagine Theater, Royal Oak) “

This thing had the feel of a red carpet Hollywood premiere.  Present were cast members dressed in elegant gowns, tuxes and tailored suits posed against a massive step-and-repeat banner that filled one wall.  Under lights,  photographers snapped photos and digitally filmed the gala event for an hour prior to the screening of the movie.  Present were members of the press, as well as WDET 101.9FM, The Best of Detroit, House Ikhonic, Detroit Life Live, The Metropolitan, and MMM2.0nline.

A Painted Creek/Caribbean Fury collaborative production, Taken Over is best referred to as an inspired narrative/horror/thriller; it took Wallen approximately six hours to pen the original screenplay  (according to Wallen’s account of this script in the Q&A which followed the screening. ) With assistance from Jerry Hayes, Nancy Oeswein, and Kaiti Parker Wallen, the script was ready within a day, and ready for pre-production.


Taken Over is the story of a lake-front community faced with a rising number of high profile killings that defy a common link.  The killers arrested are all innocents with blemish free police records which do not remember anything about the killings after being apprehended and taken into custody.  As police Chief S Crenshaw (Jerry Hayes) and Mayor (Shelby Bradley) pressure the investigating police force, Detective Monica Navarro (Kara Joy Reed), Detective Matt Brown (Joe Piazza) and Detective Chris Sunderland (Kris Reilly) to uncover grounds for the murders and an unifying link tying the charged together,  the numbers rise.

After  Anna’s (Kaitlyn Parker-Wallen) best friend Samantha Stout (Julie Kline) is implicated,  Anna decides to look into the one thing that seems common to the charged—a roughly sketched symbol with a mythical origin,.   By visiting priest Judah (T J Storm) she finds links to a fallen angel (Harley Wallen).  Anna convinces the detectives of what she finds, but the truth is worse than anyone can imagine.  The angel is compelling  these individual  to act against their natures through auto-suggestion and Taken them Over.  It all comes to a big showdown with the priest, the police and Anna confronting the demon-angel.

Taken Over’s cast includes T.J.  Storm (AKA Juan Ojeda, best known  Breathing Fire (1991),Corrupt (1999), The Ultimate Game (2001), Punisher: War Zone (2008) and Kickboxer: Vengenace (2016)  Dennis Haskins (“Mr. Belding” for the teen show Saved by the Bell (1987), and its derivations), Harley Wallen,  Nancy Oeswein Kara Joy Reed,  Jimmie Chiappelli, Michael James Alexander,  Calhoun Koenig  and Jerry Hayes.   This cast all deliver first class performances.

Harley Wallen says that he is presently in negotiations with a distributor who has offered theatrical as well as online distribution.

Stay tuned for more.  Watch for Wallen’s next Red Carpet premier May 21, 2017.   He says “The premier of Moving Parts will actually be biggest than this.”

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