#M(ichigan)M(ovie)H(istory) On this Day, February 25, 1931 actor Christopher George was born

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It was on this day, February 25, 1931,  American television and film actor  Christopher John George was born in Royal Oak, Michigan.  Best known for his starring role in the 1966–1968 TV series The Rat Patrol,  Christopher George was nominated for a Golden Globe in 1967 as Best TV Star for his performance in the series

The son of Greek immigrants,  Christopher George could not speak English until he was six years old.   His family only spoke Greek at home.  Once George began learning to speak English, his father enrolled him in Greek school in addition to his regular school so that he would not forget the Greek language. That was where George first became interested in acting; at Greek school they performed Greek plays and recited Greek poetry

After graduating from college, Christopher George began acting in New York City, where he performed on the stage and in television commercials. His big break came when he was working as a bouncer at a New York waterfront bar and producer Robert Rafelson convinced him to begin an acting career.

Christopher George first appeared on the screen when he landed a role in the 1965 film In Harm’s Way, playing a dying sailor for 30 seconds   This brief break gave him the opportunity to work with John Wayne, his boyhood idol.  They would become life-long friends.

Christopher George was married to actress Lynda Day George.  Together they appeared in a number of films including The Gentle Rain (1966), Chisum (1970), House on Greenapple Road (1970), Mayday at 40,000 Feet! (1976), Day of the Animals (1977), Cruise Into Terror (1978), Pieces (1982) and Mortuary (1983) as well as several TV series.

Christopher George died of a sudden heart attack on the late evening of November 28, 1983

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