Filmmaker’s Tolkein-esque vision to be realized as ‘Taker’s Crown’ releases soon

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Fantasy has always been a passion for Josiah Swanson.

For most of his life, Swanson utilized his imagination to create stories and films at home. This year, Swanson plans to introduce audiences to his very own Tolkien-esque world in the form of his new full-length film, The Taker’s Crown.

The Taker’s Crown follows King Wiglaf as he searches the land of Everwyn for the titular relic before it falls into the hands of the evil Titan thief Tome. Initially, The Taker’s Crown was intended to be a web series, but as Swanson consulted with friends and members of the local film community, he found everyone encouraging him to release it as a full-length film.

“I realized they were right and I had a feature-length script, so I might as well shoot it as a feature film,” Swanson said.

In order to create the film, Swanson enlisted the help of his WhiteShore Films production team, as well as a crew assembled from all over Michigan.

WhiteShore Films is currently finishing up post-production on The Taker’s Crown, with hopes for an April premiere date,  Once completed it will be marketed to film festivals.

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