#M(ichigan)M(ovie)H(istory) On this Day, February 23, 1984 Joel Paul Reisig was born

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Born February 23, 1984,  Joel is of Israeli and Irish descent. He is the first cousin of actor Scott Leason Gast. For a while Joel considered changing his name to Joel Leason Reisig. Joel and Scott together are sometimes referred to as “Team Leason”.

Born on Michigan’s east side, he spends most of his time on the east side,  although he has produced movies throughout Michigan.  His high school movie “Win by Fall”  which he was responsible for  writing/producing/acting was shot in Grand Rapids, Rockford and Holland

Of his other movies Joel is known for Fraternity House (2008),  American Scream King (2010),  and Small Town Santa (2014), as well as other more recently released films.

A Hope College graduate and Compass Film Academy alumnus,  Reisig is an self-taught entrepreneur also conducts seminars and workshops on “Be Your Own Hollywood.” In this positively reviewed two day seminar/workshop he talks about the nuts and bolts of the entertainment business, including how to write scripts, find investment, hire casts and crews to direct and produce movies.   He has done it all.

Joel is also a professional stand up comedian who has studied and performed at Second City Chicago and Improv Olympic.

Reisig reports that many distributors are coming after him and asking the chance to represent his films.

Happy Birthday, Joel.  Wishing you many more and every success in the coming years.


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