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Michael McCallum is an award winning director/writer/actor/editor who was born in Lansing, MI where he currently resides. He started acting in 1997 started his film company, Rebel Pictures, in 1999.

His first feature film as a writer/director, Fairview St., was premiered in Jan. 2009 at Celebration Cinema, in Lansing, MI, to sell out crowds. The film was accepted into 28 film festivals nationally, played in 12 different states and won 15 major awards. It also played and won awards at festivals in India and Australia! It’s the most awarded and nominated true independent feature film made in Michigan!

His second feature as a writer/director, Handlebar, premiered at Celebration Cinema in Feb. 2010 and was accepted into it’s first 13 film festivals and won 5 awards.

Lucky, his third feature premiered in March of 2011 to sell out crowds again at Celebration Cinema in Lansing. It was accepted into it’s first 8 film festivals and won a major award at each one.

In 2013, he released a string of award-winning short films, Shadowpuppet, Slow Burn, Small Town Fireworks and Sure Thing. McCallum was also awarded, Michigan Independent Filmmaker Of the Year 2012 and asked to Direct the Production Workshop for the last two year’s at the Grand Rapids Film Festival!


In 2015 McCallum and his Rebel Pictures team finished their fourth feature film, Buffalo!

He was excited to work, again, with his talented Father, William C. McCallum, who plays the lead role in Buffalo. They also wrote the film together.

It has won 14 awards and received 23 nominations in it’s first 14 film festivals. It has also played in Switzerland, Singapore, Italy, Hong Kong, Greece, Portugal, Lithuania, Amsterdam and the Caribbean.


With the 16 films that Rebel Pictures has made they have won 83 major awards, been nominated for 143 other major awards and been accepted into 134 film festivals internationally!

In addition to film, Michael is also an accomplished theater performer. He stepped back on to the stage in 2009 and played “Nickles” in J.B. and was the assistant director for Dying City both shows with Capital Theater Works. And most recently took on the iconic role of “Stanley Kowalski” in Lansing Community College’s production of A Streetcar Named Desire!


Since the release of Buffalo, Rebel Pictures owner Michael McCallum has been busy. “Following the release of Buffalo, which has won 20 awards and received 31 nominations, we also released a short drama, Two For the Show, in March of 2016 which has won 6 awards and received 13 nominations. Both films are available for streaming on Vimeo On Demand through Kinonation. In between very little sleep I’ve also managed to shoot my first sci-fi film, Reverb, and continue to act in and work with some incredibly talented and passionate artists here in the mitten.”

McCallum continued his acting career with reprising his character of Jay Calder in the second season of the award-winning web series, Lucky Jay (Co-Written/Directed by Harper Philbin). He also starred in a short romantic comedy, Chocolate and Cigarettes (Written/Directed by Dave Tappan) in Detroit and completed a starring role as a detective in a noir drama and comic book crossover, Poor Little Witch Girl (Written/Directed by Pat Bird). He also played a supporting role in the West Michigan feature, Soft Core (Written/Directed by Lisa Enos).

Rebel Pictures is looking for 2017 to be a big year with the release of two short films, Confidence Of a Tall Man and Deadbolt, and the shooting of more projects. Recently, Rebel Pictures celebrated winning their 91st award on the film festival circuit. With more creations in the pipeline, only more good things can be expected.

His films, trailers and writing can be seen and purchased at:



Confidence Of a Tall Man (post-production) Two For the Show (short film) Eskimo Brothers (short film) Wake (short film) Shotgun Wedding (short film) Take A Penny (short film) Buffalo (feature film) Sure Thing (short film) Small Town Fireworks (short film) Memento Mori (short film) Slow Burn (short film) Shadowpuppet (short film) Waiter From Hell (3 part series) Lucky (feature film) Handlebar (feature film) Fairview St. (feature film) Thin Veil (short film) Overtime (short film) Under the Covers (short film) Addiction (short film) Wasted (student film) Suspicion (student film) Nightmare (student film)

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