#MICHIGANCONNECTION Tom Selleck addresses rumors that he will depart Blue Bloods

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Tom Selleck recently addressed rumors that he will be departing the TV drama Blue Bloods.   Fans have come to know Selleck as the level headed patriarch of the Reagan family as well as police commissioner Frank Reagan.

As the show reaches a milestone 150th episode,  Selleck was noted as saying,  ” I’m not tired of it,” he shared. “I don’t think any of the actors are. Everything goes by in a flash and so does 150 episodes.”   Stemming from  his late renewal of contract for the current season, his statement will put to rest all uncertainties regarding his future on the series.

He explained that the show’s success is because of the writers, actors, and their hard work and dedication to the series    Optimistically he added that he is certain that “Blue Bloods” can reach a bigger milestone and do over 200 episodes on TV.

Now there is rumor that there is the possibility that Selleck’s character will find a love interest in “Blue Bloods” Season 7. According to the publication, doing so can definitely make things a bit more interesting for Frank.

The 150th episode of Blue Bloods airs Friday, March 31st.

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