DIA begins screening home movies collected for ‘Detroit ’67’ project

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On Thursday, the DIA’s Detroit Film Theatre begins a series of weekday-afternoon screenings that will take place a few times a month until late June.

The DIA has been collecting amateur public submissions since the fall as part of an ambitious effort by several organizations — including the Free Press, Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History, the Detroit Historical Society, the Walter P. Reuther Library of Labor and Urban Affairs at Wayne State University and Bridge Magazine — to commemorate the 50th anniversary of 1967, a pivotal year in which Detroit was consumed by racial unrest, a year which lead to the passage of civil rights.  .

Members of the surrounding community so far have submitted about 400 reels of 8mm, 16mm or Super 8 film capturing scenes of life in and around Detroit leading up to July 1967, when violent uprisings consumed the city over five days.

The first such event will include an introduction to the project and about an hour of curated material, digitized for projection onto the theater’s 42-foot screen. Those who contributed films that are excerpted for the screenings are invited to provide commentary. A marathon screening, which could extend to a full day depending on how much footage is amassed, is set for July 29.
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