‘The Quest Trilogy’ by CDI Set to Come Full Circle

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‘The Christ Slayer’ adds dynamic leads to the third film in their biblical trilogy.

While the title, ‘The Christ Slayer,’ might seem provocative at first sight, even ‘other-wordly,’ as in where today’s heavy CGI-VFX driven sci-fi and horror cinema landscape dwells, the film’s header is the basis for a compelling, character-driven final chapter about the most well-known, worshipped, mysterious and questioned figure in history. And the many people, some well-known from scripture, others unknown, with whom Jesus came into contact in his short mission on earth.

‘The Christ Slayer’ parable, which shoots in March in Yuma, AZ, with the great assistance of CDI’s Yuma-based crew, is the final film in ‘The Quest Trilogy.’ The unique body of biblical/cinematic storytelling comes from filmmaker/writer/actor DJ Perry and the stable of artists, ‘The Tribe,’ as they’re affectionately known, at Lansing, Mich., based production company, Collective Development Inc. (CDI)

The first film in the trilogy, the uncompromising and critically acclaimed ‘Forty Nights,’ will be introduced to audiences during the Lenten and Easter season.

Directed by Jesse Low, ‘Forty Nights’ follows Jesus (DJ Perry) from his baptism by John the Baptist (Terry Jernigan) into the scorching, barren wilderness, where he suffers thirst, starvation, sleep- deprivation, delirium and temptation by Satan, played by three actors (Rance Howard, Taymour Ghazi and Joe Cipriano) at three stages of life. Flashbacks come to Jesus, giving audiences insight into what his earlier life might have been like.

The second film in the trilogy, ‘Chasing the Star,’ filmed in early 2016 in Yuma and directed by Bret Miller, tells the story of the Three Magi (Garry Nation, Randy Spence, Bello Pizzimenti) and the incredible danger (and insecurities) they faced following the Star of Bethlehem in search of the Messiah’s birth. Including henchmen of King Herod (Ralph Lister) and the very questioning of their own faith, fearing that, perhaps, God had foresaken them because of a perceived arrogance.

Release of ‘Chasing the Star’ will follow closely behind ‘Forty Nights. This big screen parable in the trilogy will enjoy a limited theatrical run before a national release in September and the run up to the Christmas season.

In March, once again in the Yuma area, where the thermometer will push 100 degrees daily, ‘The Quest Trilogy’ will come full circle as principal photography gets under way on ‘The Christ Slayer.’

Like Miller in ‘Chasing the Star,’ the helmsman for ‘The Christ Slayer, will be young up-and-comer, and Michigan State University alum, Nathaniel Nose.

Fittingly, the final parable returns to the moments before, during and after Christ’s crucifixion.

The story unfolds as we follow the barren, unsatisfying life of a Roman Centurion known as Longinus. While this soldier’s faith in himself and others has been seriously eroded, the strength, compassion and love of one woman, ‘Leah,’ is all that stands between him and self-destruction.

CDI announced today that Award-winning Canadian/internationally-known actress Christine Solomon has been cast to play ‘Leah,’ opposite the prolific, multi-faceted New York City artist and producer, Carl Weyant.

Ms. Solomon’s career has been one based on versatility. Stage-trained, she has performed in more than 20 plays, she is a voice-over artist and has appeared in many TV and film roles.

Her resume includes, among others, roles in ‘The Score’ (2001) starring Academy-Award winning actors Robert De Niro and Marlon Brando; VH1’s ‘Hysteria: The Def Leppard Story’ (2009); Sony Pictures’ ‘Head In the Clouds’ (2004); HBO Canada’s ‘Fakers’ (2009); and, award-winning foreign films, ‘Basra’ (2008, India) and ‘Heliopolis’ (2009, Egypt).

Ms. Solomon has also hosted shows and events (such as Good Morning Canada’s campaign with Josh Duhamel, ‘Building for America’s Bravest and #Enlistme) and has done TV commercials and endorsements.

Mr. Weyant made his lead actor debut in 2008 in the psychological thriller, ‘Karma: Crime, Passion, Reincarnation,’ filmed in Ooty, India. Shortly after that breakout, he earned roles in ‘The Memory Thief’; on the daytime drama, ‘The Young and the Restless’; ‘Dedd Brothers;’ and ‘Ashes of Eden,’ filmed in Michigan.

In 2008, Carl produced his first feature film, Elle: A Modern Cinderella Tale, which went on to win numerous awards, including Best Picture at the Newport Beach Film Festival in California.

This lead Carl to produce and Co-Star in ‘Samuel Bleak’ (2013) and ‘The Actor’ (2014).

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