David L. Peter cast in Laguna Film, LLC’s production of ‘Past Due’

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Following our upcoming film, “PAST DUE!” my friends? If so, check out its Facebook page post this afternoon:

What’s happening with “PAST DUE!” you might ask? HERE’S what’s happening. Check it out, y’all:

It’s been a while, friends and fans of “PAST DUE!” Hope everyone had a Happy New Year and you’ve got some exciting new plans for 2017.

Fresh on the heels of filming the soon-to-be released “Garroter!” which enjoyed its World Red Carpet Premiere last Halloween Night, we at Laguna Films are looking forward to lining everything up that will enable us to shoot “PAST DUE!” this year.

With that in mind we’d like to introduce you to the newest member of our Family. On the Cast Member side of the Fam, it could be considered magical that we get to bring on board Los Angeles actor, David L. Peters.

Why magical?

Well, David is a 4th Generation magician! Through no slight of hand, however, he is undertaking the role of Officer Gus Chilton. Since Mr. Peters began focusing on acting in 2001 he has honed his proverbial chops and entrenched himself in our industry; having appeared or been featured in over 60 projects.

Ranging from commercials to feature length films, to videos, this thespian has tackled and excelled at “being” such a wide range of characters that the man never needs to fear being type cast. Or, as we film makers call it he’s “a casting team’s dream!”

For much more about David L. Peters by all means pay a visit to his website; appropriately titled www.DavidLPeters.com

Meanwhile, please give a BIG “PAST DUE!” Family Welcome to David as we await his homemade Shout Out video to us all – which he has announced is Coming Soon!


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