Returning cast announced for ‘The Christ Slayer’

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The final installment of Collective Development Inc.’s ‘The Quest Trilogy’ will reunite several actors.


“The Christ Slayer” is the third film in DJ Perry’s biblical film series known as The Quest Trilogy.  “The Christ Slayer,” recently moved into active development with the beginning of location scouting and the start of the casting process.

It was announced that DJ Perry will return to his role as Jesus, although the size of his role is yet unknown. The film supposedly takes place during the final days and aftermath of Jesus’s death and rebirth on the cross.  While the exact storyline is still under wraps several of the previous cast are said to be returning for the final installment.

Joining DJ Perry will be Rance Howard and Taymour Ghazi, reprising their roles as different versions of the Devil.  Shane Hagedorn will also return as Arch-Angel Gabriel.  Melissa Anschutz will return as Mother Mary. Eddie Kaulukukui will return as Disciple John and Dean Teaster’s small role in ’40 Nights’ will be expanded in the new film.  The film is prepping to roll cameras in Yuma, Arizona in Spring 2017.

Meanwhile the first film in the trilogy ’40 Nights’ will be getting a new push in early 2017 to prep for the release of the second film “Chasing the Star,” that will enjoy a limited theatrical and event showings on the lead up to Christmas 2017.

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