“Star Wars” influence on Biblical trilogy

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The Quest Trilogy creates a retro look and score that appeals to fans of the beloved space franchise created by George Lucas.

DJ Perry the writer/producer of the biblical-based “Quest Trilogy” is without a doubt a STAR WARS fan. He loved the epic presentation that came with the original films and the feelings that were invoked. When the ‘Quest’ films were in development he knew that he needed two very important elements.  Those two important elements are the epic musical score and camerawork. Thanks to the talented work of Jesse Aragon as director of photography and Dennis Therrian as the composer – the trilogy has been given a visual and audio glue that pulls the world together.

While the first film “40 Nights,” directed by Jesse Low, was wall-to-wall divinity due to Jesus being the main character.  The follow up film “Chasing the Star,” directed by Bret Miller is more grounded in man’s mortality and features music that underscores mankind’s struggle to survive.  The third film “The Christ Slayer” which is slated to shoot in the spring will be more of a blend of the first two films.  The director of that film will be announced the beginning of 2017.

Director of photography Jesse Aragon’s breathtaking visuals and ability to capture the essential emotional moments helps to take the individual styles of the directors and make them feel part of the same larger story.

“40 Nights” had a small release in 2016 and will get a bigger push on the lead up to Easter 2017 with Bridgestone Multimedia Group. The second film “Chasing the Star” will be completed first quarter 2017. The film will enjoy a limited theatrical before a wide general market release in September 2017. The third film is slated to release around Easter 2018.

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