Michael Moore premieres his surprise documentary at NYC IFC Center on Tuesday

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Although polls give Clinton a significant lead nationwide, Trump’s “rabid” base could turn out to vote in significantly larger numbers 

Two weeks ago, Michael Moore hadn’t even begun shooting  the 73-minute live performance “Michael Moore In TrumpLand” of him doing a one-man show about the upcoming presidential election, but on Tuesday night  he premiered his surprise documentary  at New York City’s IFC Theater

In the movie, Moore treats an audience of liberals, conservatives and the undecided to a routine that is part stand-up comedy, part sincere plea to Americans for why they should vote for Hillary Clinton   Rather than bashing Trump in his live performance, Moore focuses on the many virtues that make Hillary Clinton the answer to many of America’s problems.

Despite virtually every poll suggesting Clinton has a significant lead nationwide, Moore said that people underestimate how Trump’s “rabid” base could turn out to vote in significantly larger numbers than Clinton supporters.

“Michael Moore In TrumpLand” will have a one-week run at IFC starting Wednesday and another one-week run in Los Angeles at the Laemmle Town Center 5 in Encino.

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