Strong female roles flourish in ‘Wild Faith’

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wildfaith-melissa-anschutz-christine-marieThe mid-Western feature film ‘Wild Faith’ is now shooting in Michigan.

LANSING, Mich. – Oct. 14, 2016  Previously it was announced that legendary actress Lana Wood (The Searchers, Grey Eagle) had joined the cast of the midWestern film by Collective Development Inc. entitled “Wild Faith,” being directed by Jesse Low.  Wood plays the outspoken owner of the local General Store. The film’s headstrong lead ‘Haddie,’ is played by Lisa Lauren Smith. She showcases the strong attributes of a ‘colored woman’ surviving in post-Civil War Michigan.

Following this trend of powerful female castings ‘Wild Faith’ is proud to announce two other amazing women in the cast line up.  Melissa Anschutz has landed in the spot of Hester Thickett, a ‘tom boy’ half-native tracker who partners up to help the family in our 1870’s story. Director Jesse Low chose Melissa to portray the complex character – a woman surviving in a man’s world. Previously Melissa can be seen starring in Collective Development Inc.’s “Ashes of Eden” and “Bestseller” and will no doubt bring this unique character to life on-screen.

“We saw many actresses that came very close to what I envisioned but at the end of the day Mrs. Anschutz brought what I was looking for.” – Jesse Low, director

Christine Marie, was cast as the film’s Romanian circus boss ‘Albena,’ due to her commanding presence and strong take on the role. She can be seen in various TV and film roles such as “Detroit Unleaded” and the upcoming series “Land of the Outlaws”. This is her first endeavor with Collective Development Inc.

“Another hard role to fill but Christine Marie owned the role and was a very clear choice for our team.” – DJ Perry, writer/producer

DJ Perry the film’s screenwriter is known and applauded for writing powerful female roles. CDI’s previous western genre film “Dean Teaster’s Ghost Town” released with Lionsgate in 2008, showcased powerful females such as actress/activist Princess Lucaj in the lead and Renee O’Conner, best known from her role on “Xena Warrior Princess,” was cast as a female outlaw despite the role initially being written for a man. CDI will continue to break down walls and give opportunities for talent to go outside the box.


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