More cast saddle up to ride on ‘Wild Faith’

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With the additional of another group of extremely talented actors from the Great Lake State, the cast is almost complete on “Wild Faith,” a Michigan produced- mid-Western 1800’s tale.


Let’s take a look at some of the new additions to the cast.

Chris Kotcher recently worked for Collective Development Inc. in “Chasing the Star” their second film installment of THE QUEST TRILOGY. He can also be seen in various short and feature films such as “Buzzard” and “3:33 am” – bringing his unique qualities to the screen.

Curran Jacobs is a 28 – year old actor who can be seen in numerous short films like “Frogman” and “Villainy” playing festivals.  Recently his on-screen talents have been brought to the attention of CDI resulting in him being cast in two of their upcoming features. “Wild Faith” is the first and the second film has yet to be announced.

Jack Findley has been cast as the Sheriff in “Wild Faith” but can also be seen in “The Union Series”. His unique look and delivery landed him the coveted role. CDI is happy to be working with him on this project.

Dean Teaster is a well-rounded performer having starred in the TV movie “Figure in the Forest” and turned powerful roles in films like “An Ordinary Killer,” “Ghost Town” and recently “40 Nights” which was also directed by Jesse Low. He was invited back to bring Preacher Collins to screen in “Wild Faith”.

“Wild Faith” will shoot around Michigan in October and will release into the marketplace in 2017. The script is by DJ Perry and directed by Jesse Low.


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