Interview with Jamal Hines, director

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Jamal Hines is a film director. An Ann Arbor native, he majored in film studies at Michigan State University, Lansing. He worked as a camera man and now is directing “The Union Series.” This was the first interview shot using my Samsung Galaxy S7 Active. Jamal allowed me this interview on the upstairs patio of Zingerman’s Deli, Ann Arbor, September 23, 2016.

Emily Roszatycki plays the independent and strong-willed eldest daughter of the head of the Detroit Italian mob, Stella Galdwin, in The Union Series.

Jack Michael FIndley plays Michael Owens, the conflicted concierge to The Union organized crime partnership in The Union Series.

Thomas Gregory Doner plays the hotheaded made man, Raymond Fydrick, in The Union Series.

Tijuan McLittle plays heavy fisted survivor Red Ball in The Union Series.

Ronald Williams plays the inimitable King Leo in The Union Series.

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