Top regional talent being drawn to ‘Wild Faith’

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Collective Development Inc. ( is producing “Wild Faith” a mid-Western pilot feature.

LANSING, Mich.Sept. 17, 2016 –  The tale unfolds in the rugged wilderness of Michigan in 1870. Michigan became a state on January 26, 1837 and became home for a bevy of unique and free-spirited pioneers. Michigan is still home to many of these hardworking outdoors men and that is exactly why many of the castings came from the state of Michigan. Here is the first of several talented actors hailing from the mitten state.

David Gries from Zeeland, Michigan is a highly decorated stage and film actor who starred in the CDI associated film “Wasteland, Tales from the Desert,” he’s been cast as Ely, one of the roughs of our story.

Anthony Hornus, from Corunna, Michigan has created several memorable characters in the western genre including “Miracle At Sage Creek” (Universal) and “Dean Teaster’s Ghost Town” (Lionsgate). He will be playing Jacob Vraine, ex-scout- now businessman about town.

John DeMarco, an edgy, Italian actor hailing from Lansing, Michigan – has been putting his unique stamp on characters in films like Larry Simmons’s “Locked in a Room” and Mitch Nyberg’s “Realizism,” now he joins the “Wild Faith” cast as Carl Kipp, a quirky, slightly-menacing train engineer.

Aside from the distribution of the feature film producers have been in talks with TV networks about an on-going series. The film centers on an 1870’s family adjusting to life following the tragic Civil War that almost tore America apart. Many of the topics and themes highlighted throughout the film continue to play out today in our own modern society. Cameras will roll in October with Jesse Aragon (40 Nights) serving as director of photography, Jesse Low (40 Nights) directing from a screenplay by Michigan State University graduate DJ Perry (40 Nights, Chasing the Star). The film will post in Michigan releasing in late 2017.

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