Why are there vintage Detroit police cars in Dorchester?

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Police officers in riot gear and Detroit police cars have become common sights on Ashmont Street as Academy Award-winning director Kathryn Bigelow continues filming her latest movie in Dorchester. On Thursday evening a portion of Ashmont Street (approximately one-third of a mile, between Bruce Street and Dorchester Avenue) was closed to traffic and vintage vehicles were driving slowly up and down the street, he said.

The film crew appeared to be re-creating a scene from the aftermath of the riots. There were circa-1960s vehicles, including an old school Michigan State Police cruiser, black Detroit police patrol cars, and military vehicles.

Meanwhile, construction has been underway at another filming location about 17 miles away, on Frederick Douglass Avenue in Brockton, which is being transformed to look like a city block in Detroit circa-1967.

It’s pretty neat to watch Hollywood come to Brockton.

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