This is why Charlene Jeter is a Winner…Attitude, pure and simple

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See why Charlene Jeter is a winner. It can be summed up in her attitude.

“Some people will go to great lengths to tell you what you can’t do….Trust me I’ve been told over and over again that I should never direct and act in my own films, it’s either impossible or the quality will suffer…My question is why spend so much time worried about whether or not I’m in my own work? Why spend your time and energy trying to convince me and trying to convince others to convince me that I can’t do it? What’s in it for you? This is my life and I am the most qualified person to control the outcome… I am the ONLY person who decides what I CAN DO…Just like you are the only person who decides what you can do. Winners win when they believe in themselves. ‪#‎ForeverWinning‬” Charlene Jeter

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