KNIGHT CHILLS 20th Anniversary & Another Adventure?

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LANSING, Mich.Aug. 2, 2016    Nearly 20 years ago, Michigan-based Collective Development Inc. (CDI) started as a literary development company for script properties. Founded by actor/producer DJ Perry, and director Jeff Kennedy, CDI shopped several scripts to near sales before deciding to produce their own films. Both of them have shared an interest in fantasy role -playing games, like DUNGEONS & DRAGONS, made popular in the 1980s and 90s.

“There use to be a real movement against the game due to movies like MAZES & MONSTERS, starring a young Tom Hanks.” – DJ Perry

“Knight Chills,” CDI’s micro-budget first film, was made with little money and a lot of heart. It found an audience in the USA and abroad. CDI has grown by leaps and bounds, producing dozens of films in various genres. Most recently, in the horror/thriller genre, they released “Donors” and “Bestseller” in 2016.  Now, the first film the company produced is getting a dust off… which could mean great things for the franchise.

“Knight Chills” is heading for a 2017 – 20th Anniversary re-release along with a novelization by genre author David C. Hayes. (“The Rot” “Cherub” and many more). The novella will be released by Michigan-based publisher Source Point Press. The new Facebook site has already dropped the 20th Anniversary trailer.

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Even more exciting news is on the way with the official confirmation that a sequel will be shot in 2016 for release in Fall of 2017.  The official title is “Knight Chills: Resurrection of Evil” and will pick up many years after the original film.

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